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Sunday, August 10th
Work Continues

I'm back at work in the 'mushroom' building tomorrow, getting ready for fall for all of the TSEC schools, and also will work on a full 8.2 release. I've been working part time on finishing the Alberta Ed 'millstone of the albatross' code for their PASI system and am doing well. I've created a new enrollment system for them, which will eventually migrate into the main OA code base.

Saturday, July 5th
Fix to Download Area

There was a problem with downloads, likely due to DNS changes. This is now fixed. Please let me know if any other issues. Yes, I really should give folks the updated version. I'm just trying to finish the required conformance additions to work with Alberta Education ( Alberta, Canada) for my schools there. Once largely done, I'll come up with the 8.2 release.

Sunday, June 1st
Pressing On Regardless

I've been working hard on the Alberta Education integration and just finished a 1.5 hour session with them on Friday testing new features required for conformance. I will have to rewrite the cache system to support multiple schools in same division, since the cache is 'per division', not 'per school'. This will have to be in a database external to the school db. Of course, some rewriting will be required. I've also updated the Principal Walkthrough and the Staff Absence tracking systems, but still have reporting to add to the latter system. I will try to get a new 8.2 release out in a bit, but having a life it also important! Please email if any issues.

Thursday, May 15th
More updates

I've now written some new additions. A new Student Needs assessment to identify students at risk and requiring some remedial action. All students in all of our schools are assessed. The central site can identify any missing entries in any of the programs including reading, numeracy, LLI (Literacy Intervention), etc. The main site now includes help links on main page and all sections can be minimized using some jquery coding. This allows us to use an new tab in place of Help, which I'm calling SSP (Student Success Program), and it will include admin page links for reading, numeracy, etc. as well as audit viewing for those scripts that are audit enabled.

Friday, March 28th
More Development

I've just completed scripting for the LLI (Leveled Literacy Intervention) system. This system allows us to create a group of students that have been identified as needing extra help in reading. They get a pretest to find their reading level, and then have a 20h-40hour remediation program and are then tested again. This is just completed in 16 schools here and I have a couple of central site reports that generate summary results from all 16 school databases. I'll add this to the next OA release, which I've been working on.

There is also a new monthly attendance report that tracks teacher attendance entry for each period in the month and makes sure all attendance has been done. It is a 'dual-run' script that can execute from either the school admin site or on the matching school teacher site.

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